Explantation and Breast Augmentation Patient 5

How did you hear about Dr. Golosow?

Numerous sources. One post patient who was very happy with Dr. Golosow’s work, one physician, and other co-workers.

Why did you choose this office over others?

I had from my first call and visit absolutely OUTSTANDING care here, from everyone- from the person at the front desk to the last face I saw when I closed my eyes in surgery.

How would you rate your experience?

Whatever scale is used- put my mark on the very top!

General comments about your experience:

After quite a few medical “procedures”- surgeries and so on, and being a medical professional myself, I feel comfortable saying that there was nothing, nothing at all that could have gone better than it did during both procedures! If all all of my experiences had been as such!


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“Dr. Golosow is one of the kindest, most professional doctors I have ever seen. She made me feel so comfortable before, during and after my procedures. Thank you”