Cosmetic procedures help you achieve the body contours you always desired. Since your results with these procedures will be long-term, it is important that you choose a well-experienced surgeon who will help you get the results you desire. This is one reason why the highly-skilled, comprehensively-trained, and compassionate Dr. Lorraine Golosow is so sought-after in Bonita Springs and surrounding areas. Your consultation with Dr. Golosow and her team always begins with her patiently listening to understand your concerns and then determining the most suitable procedure for you, keeping your cosmetic goals in mind.

She has a double-board certification from both the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and is one of the top surgeons in southern Florida, especially when it comes to breast surgery procedures. Dr. Golosow has years of experience understanding what changes women undergo and the contours they desire when it comes to their breasts. She has been consistently offering women beautifully-youthful breasts that fit in perfectly with their lifestyle and are in natural proportion with the rest of their body.

Not just age and genetics, but there are certain life events like massive weight loss, pregnancy, and breast feeding that leave you with undesired changes to your breasts. Women find that they are left with a loss of volume and deflated breasts, sagging skin and droopy nipples, or very large breasts, and they actively look for surgical procedures that can correct these issues and restore their youthful contours. Some women may also struggle with under-developed or asymmetrical breasts that affect their self-image and confidence in daily life. Dr. Golosow is passionate about helping women deal with any breast issue that they may be struggling with.

You can also consult Dr. Golosow for a revision augmentation in case you are dissatisfied with a previously-performed augmentation. She can help you with both the removal as well as replacement of your breast implants.

After mastectomy, many women feel more confident and womanly when they have restored the shape and form of their breasts. Dr. Golosow helps determine if you are a good candidate for this and she decides this based on your cancer therapies and specific anatomy. Her dedication in helping women regain their self-confidence with natural contours and youthful breasts is evident in the consistently-stunning results and happy patients. Women in Bonita Springs can choose from the following breast procedures:

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Bonita Springs is a city in the Southwest of Florida. It is known for its Gulf Coast parks and beaches, including the secluded Little Hickory Island Beach Park and Bonita Beach Park that features sand dunes. To the north is the Lovers Key State Park which is a popular swimming and kayaking spot. The park is made up of 4 barrier islands and it is home to dolphins and manatees. The Everglades Wonder Gardens feature orchids, reptiles, and parrots. Some other points of interest for visitors include the Center for the Arts of Bonita Springs, Barefoot Beach Preserve Park, and the Naples – Fort Myers Greyhound Track; the 156 feet Bonita Springs Water Tower situated on Big Hickory Island is best viewed in the day time.

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