Women who are living with overly-large breasts can experience discomforts such as back aches, neck aches, and rashes. Breast reduction surgery can help to remedy these issues and create a more proportionate body contour for an improved quality of life.

What is Breast Reduction Surgery?

Many women suffer from macromastia (i.e. very large breasts). Macromastia can cause a variety of medical ailments such as chronic neck, back, or shoulder pain. Women can develop shoulder indentations, skin rashes (under the breasts) and even breathing problems. For these reasons, many women elect to undergo breast reduction surgery. This procedure removes skin, fat, and glandular tissue to lift and make the breasts smaller. Breast reduction surgery relieves the discomfort of macromastia and gives women a more proportional bust line.

The Surgical Procedure

A breast reduction is performed under general anesthesia. It usually requires two to four hours to perform, sometimes longer. The incision most often used by Dr. Golosow is anchor shaped. The resulting scar is around the areola, straight down to the inframammary fold and then along the inframammary crease. During a breast reduction, skin and breast tissue are removed and the nipple/areolar complex is lifted. Liposuction is sometimes used to remove excess fat from the sides of the chest. A breast reduction provides women with lighter, less pendulous and more youthful appearing breasts.


Following surgery, the breasts will be covered with an Ace wrap or surgery bra to decrease swelling. Pain or discomfort may be present during the first week but can be easily managed with oral medications. Most of the sutures are under the skin and dissolve over time. Patients are asked to refrain from heavy lifting, pulling or heavy exercise for 6-8 weeks. Most women, however, are back to work by two weeks postoperatively.

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How long does it take to recover from breast reduction?

Typically, it takes two to six weeks to fully recover from a breast reduction. Most patients will need to rest for about a week after their surgery before returning to work, school, and other non-strenuous activities.

How dangerous is a breast reduction?

Breast reduction is generally safe overall. However, like all surgeries, it has some risks including possible infection or an adverse reaction to anesthesia. Disclosing any health concerns with your doctor prior to surgery and following any directions will help avoid any complications and ensure a safe procedure.

What are the symptoms of needing a breast reduction?

Common symptoms that indicate you may benefit from a breast reduction include back or shoulder pain and skin chafing. Often, doctors and health insurance providers suggest that you try alternative therapies such as chiropractic care before turning to a breast reduction surgery. It is possible, however, to choose a breast reduction surgery for cosmetic as well as medical purposes.

Do breasts grow back after reduction?

In rare cases, it’s possible for breasts to return to a larger size after breast reduction surgery. This may be from factors such as drastic hormonal changes, pregnancy and breastfeeding, or side effects of medication. Breast re-growth may be more common for patients who have their surgery at a young age.

Do they lift your breast during a breast reduction?

During a breast reduction, the breasts will be repositioned following the removal of excess tissue. This results in a more lifted position.

How many cup sizes can you go down with breast reduction?

The number of cup sizes you decrease with a breast reduction varies from patient-to-patient, and in some cases going too small can cause some health concerns. On average, patients go down one to two cup sizes after a breast reduction.

What is the best age for breast reduction?

There isn’t necessarily an ideal age for a breast reduction; the right time to undergo surgery varies on a case-by-case basis. Generally, patients should be at least 18 years old before they have a breast reduction.

Can breast grow back after reduction?

Its possible for the breasts to grow back after a reduction, especially with weight changes or hormone fluctuations.

Does breast size affect weight?

Breast size can make up a noticeable amount of weight, such that you may lose a few pounds after breast reduction. However, breast reduction should not be considered a weight loss procedure.

Could you Benefit from a Breast Reduction?

While many women dream of having larger breasts, for some, large breasts can cause many emotional and physical discomforts! The extra weight from breasts that are overly large can impair your ability to lead a
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