After receiving breast implants, some women wish to remove them and live with their natural breasts. Others may require breast implant removal due to possible complications. Breast implant removal surgery can remove your implants and restore a youthful breast contour.

What is Breast Implant Removal?

Breast implant removal can be done for women who no longer wish to have breast implants or to combat capsular contracture, address implant rupture, or adjust implant size through breast implant exchange. A consultation with Dr. Golosow is needed to help determine if you are a good candidate for this procedure.

Who is a Good Candidate for Breast Implant Removal?

Breast implant removal is a highly individualized procedure. However, it should be performed if you have capsular contracture, imaging that has shown a leak in the capsule, or pain with implants. Some women also choose to undergo this procedure to exchange them for a different size. Ideal candidates will be physically healthy, at a stable weight, and a nonsmoker. The best way to determine if this procedure is right for you is through a consultation with Dr. Golosow.

During your consultation, Dr. Golosow will examine your breasts to determine if an implant removal or exchange is safe. She will also discuss your medical history and any medications you are on.

How is Breast Implant Removal Performed?

Breast implant removal typically uses general anesthesia or intravenous sedation and take about an hour to perform. Dr. Golosow will use the original implant incision to remove the implant to avoid further scarring. Patients who decide to remove their implants often experienced stretched skin on their breasts. In this case, a breast lift may be done in addition to the implant removal.

When breast implants are removed without being replaced, the breast pocket where the original implants were placed will seal over time. Wearing a compression garment of breast support can help to speed up the healing process and reduce the change that the pocket will fill with fluid.

Breast Implant Removal Recovery

Recovery time will vary depending on the reasons for your breast implant removal. In the days following your procedure, you may experience some bruising and swelling. Any swelling or discomfort that occurs can be controlled with pain medication. It is important to follow Dr. Golosow’s post-op instructions to help ensure a safe and fast recovery.

Patients in the Ft. Myers area who wish to have their breast implants removed can contact our office today to schedule an initial consultation. We would be happy to answer any questions regarding the procedure process!


What is capsular contracture?

Capsular contracture is a response of the immune system to foreign materials in the human body. When a breast implant is placed into the breast, a capsular contracture may form over time. This can cause complications over time, which must be dealt with to reduce the risk of serious complications. Capsular contracture can happen around any type of breast implant, but seems to occur more often around silicone implants. Capsular contracture is graded by the Baker scale, which includes the following grades of severity. Grade 1 Breast is soft and appears normal. The capsule is flexible. Grade 2 Breast looks normal but is somewhat hard to the touch. Grade 3 Breast is hard and has some distortion. Breast may become rounded in shape and implant is tilted upwards. Grade 4 Is similar to grade 3, but with more severe hardening of the capsule.

What can be done to prevent capsular contracture from occurring?

Following a breast augmentation procedure, Dr. Golosow will work with you to prevent the development of a stiff capsule of tissue forming around your implant. Preoperative medications may be prescribed to help with this. Implant placement can also play a big role. If you are concerned about capsular contracture, be sure to discuss this with Dr. Golosow prior to your breast augmentation procedure.

What is a breast implant rupture?

When it comes to breast implants, both saline and silicone implants can leak, or rupture. When saline implants leak, it is usually more obvious because they tend to deflate. However, when a silicone implant leaks, it may be a slow leak with no symptoms of signs. This is why it is very important to have annual breast scans to detect any possible leaks.

What is the cost of breast implant removal?

The cost of breast implant removal can vary widely. The average cost in 2017 was $2,357. However, this cost does not include anesthesia, operating room facilities, or other related expenses. Pricing can be discussed during your consultation appointment with Dr. Golosow.

Will insurance cover my breast implant removal procedure?

Obtaining coverage for your implant removal depends on the type of insurance that you have. To learn more about coverage, contact our insurance company to discuss options.

What are some possible breast implant complications that would lead to removal?

There are a number of complications that may occur after receiving breast implants, including: discomfort or pain, breasts that are too heavy, you can feel your breast scar tissue getting tighter, and a leak or rupture in implants.nIf you are experiencing any of these issues, a visit to your plastic surgeon is needed to help correct the issue.

How can I prepare for my breast implant removal procedure?

Prior to your breast implant removal procedure, you may be required to get lab testing or a medical evaluation. Dr. Golosow may also have you adjust your current medications. You should stop smoking before your procedure, and also avoid taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, and herbal supplements that may increase bleeding.

Can breast implant removal be combined with other procedures?

Yes, oftentimes a breast lift is done in conjunction with a breast implant removal procedure. This is because, once breast implants are removed, it can result in some excess, sagging skin on the breasts. A breast lift’s main goal is to lift the breasts to a perkier, more youthful position.

Do breast implants sag over time?

Breast augmentation is a great way to improve the size and shape of the breast, however, it cannot stop the aging process, which includes losing skin elasticity. Over time, breasts can begin to sag, which can alter the appearance of breast implants.

How do I prepare for breast implant removal?

Breast implant removal is similar to breast augmentation in that preparing for surgery includes avoiding blood thinning medication, fasting after midnight before the day of surgery, and adjusting other medications you may be on.

How often should breast implants be checked?

As one of the most widely studied medical devices, breast implants should be inspected every two years after your surgery; it’s okay to wait three years when they are first placed.

Is removal of breast implants dangerous?

No, breast implant removal surgery is a safe surgical procedure when it’s performed by a board-certified cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Lorraine Golosow.

Can you get your breast implants removed?

Yes, breast implants can be removed through a straightforward surgical procedure.

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