Breast augmentation, or augmentation mammoplasty, is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries performed each year. Women who feel that their breasts are too small for their frame or are living with asymmetrical breasts can often benefit from a breast augmentation, sometimes called breast implant surgery or breast enhancement. This procedure is designed to enhance the size and shape of the breasts with the use of implants to create a more ample, feminine body contour.

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation surgery enhances the size and shape of small breasts or underdeveloped breasts using implants designed to add volume, form, and symmetry to the chest. Good candidates for breast augmentation often decide to have breast augmentation to enhance their appearance in clothing, to correct loss of breast volume following pregnancy or weight loss, or to make their breasts more symmetrical. Breast augmentation surgery can increase a woman’s bustline by one or more cup sizes. It can also be performed at the same time as other breast surgeries like a breast lift, also called mastopexy.

Your Breast Augmentation Options

Breast enlargement is a highly customizable procedure that comes with a lot of options to create your intended results. During a consultation, Dr. Lorraine Golosow can help you make an informed decision about the best options for you.

What Type of Implants are Used?

Breast augmentation surgeries can be performed with saline or silicone implants. Saline breast implants are made with a silicone shell filled with a saline solution, while silicone breast implants have a silicone shell filled with a silicone gel. Implants come in various sizes and shapes (round or teardrop). They can also have smooth or textured shells. The type of implant used will depend on your unique anatomy and preferences.

What Type of Incision is Used?

There are three common types of incisions that can be used during surgery to place your chosen implants. These can depend on your anatomy, preferences, and implant type. Your incision choices include:

  • Inframammary, or in the crease beneath the breast
  • Periareolar, or around the areolae
  • Transaxillary, or within the armpit

Each incision type can be performed to minimize scarring and offer easy concealment. Dr. Golosow can help you decide the right option for you based on many different factors.

How is the Implant Placed?

Once the incision has been performed and a pocket made within the breast tissue, the implant can be placed either on top of the chest muscle or underneath it. These each offer pros and cons, so Dr. Golosow can help you pick the right option. For example, implants placed on top of the muscle can offer more projection but can show visible rippling. Implants placed underneath the muscle can have a more natural look and feel, but can cause discomfort during recovery.

How is Breast Augmentation Performed?

Breast augmentation surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Once you’re asleep, the appropriate incision is made, and a pocket is created within the breast tissue. The implant is then carefully placed to minimize tissue trauma and the chance of infection. A breast lift can also be performed by removing excess skin and lifting the breast to a higher, more youthful position. The incisions are then closed with special sutures. The operation usually takes between one and two hours to perform.

Breast Augmentation Recovery

Most women are able to return to work a few days after breast augmentation surgery. Heavy lifting and upper body exercise are not recommended for at least a month. During this time, you should wear a supportive surgical bra to keep the implants in place and relieve tension on your incisions. You’ll also need to avoid sleeping on your side until otherwise indicated. Women may feel tired or sore for a few days after breast augmentation, but this quickly resolves— Dr. Golosow will prescribe medications to take during this time so you can rest and recover. Each patient’s progress is closely monitored by Dr. Golosow and her staff, and you’ll receive detailed breast surgery aftercare instructions to follow during your recovery.

Schedule a Consultation

If you have been considering cosmetic breast surgery near Ft. Myers, please contact our office today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Golosow. Dr. Golosow is a top breast surgeon in the Southwest Florida area and the first female plastic surgeon in Lee County to become certified by the Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.


how much does breast augmentation cost?

Each breast augmentation procedure is unique, so you’ll receive a full estimate of your costs during a consultation. This cost generally includes things like surgeon’s fees, anesthesia, facilities, implants, follow-up appointments, and materials.

Are breast implants safe?

Breast implants are one of the most reviewed medical devices in existence. As such, they come with very low risks. Most complications associated with breast augmentation occur because of the procedure itself and the natural risks that surgery carries. Dr. Golosow can answer any questions you might have about implants and the potential risks of breast implant surgery during a consultation.

Can I breastfeed after breast augmentation?

It’s been established that breast implants do not come with risk to your child if you breastfeed after augmentation. However, some women do experience difficulty breastfeeding after breast implant surgery because of things like loss of feeling in the nipples or disruption of the milk glands. With certain incisions, these complications can be avoided, so be sure to discuss your plans for breastfeeding with Dr. Golosow during a consultation.

What happens if my implants rupture?

Implant rupture is a risk of breast augmentation surgery and can occur for many different reasons. If your implant ruptures, you will need to undergo a breast implant exchange surgery to have it removed or replaced. A rupture will look different for each type of implant, so Dr. Golosow will make sure you know what to look for.

Do my implants have a warranty?

Most types of implants come with a warranty to ensure you can have them replaced if they rupture or malfunction within a certain timeframe. This is because breast implants are meant to be long-term devices, but not life-long devices. You’ll receive information about your implants during a consultation.

Do breast implants cause cancer?

There is currently little evidence that breast implants are associated with breast cancer. However, there is believed to be a connection between certain types of implants and an extremely rare form of lymphatic cancer, and Dr. Golosow can explain the risks during your consultation.

What is the ideal age for breast augmentation?

There is no magic age at which to opt for breast augmentation. However, the FDA does set a minimum age for both saline and silicone implants. Additionally, most plastic surgeons recommend that your breasts be fully-developed before opting for breast surgery. If you’re opting for breast augmentation because of signs of aging, Dr. Golosow can recommend an additional breast lift to rejuvenate the breasts to a more youthful and lifted position.

Is breast augmentation covered by my insurance?

Because breast enhancement is an elective cosmetic procedure, it is rarely covered by insurance providers. We offer a variety of financing options, however, and can discuss your costs during your consultation.

Can breast augmentation correct asymmetry?

Women rarely have exactly symmetrical breasts, and so rarely have two of the same implants during breast augmentation. One way to judge the skills of your board certified plastic surgeon is to look at their breast augmentation before and after photos and look for symmetry. Dr. Golosow can select the right implants to achieve balance and a natural look if you want to address noticeable asymmetry with augmentation.