Perhaps you received breast implants years ago, and are now unhappy with the cup size. Or maybe you have experienced complications such as an implant rupture or capsular contracture. In these cases, breast implant exchange can remove your old implants and replace them with new implants of the desired size.

What is Breast Implant Exchange?

Breast implant exchange removes and replaces breast implants. Those who have experienced complications or simply wish to change their breast size can benefit from this procedure. Not only can breast implant exchange improve breast symmetry, it can also help you to regain your youthful breast shape for a boost in confidence.

How is it Performed?

The breast implant exchange procedure will use different techniques based on what needs to be revised. An individual surgical plan will be created for you during your consultation. The options for breast implant exchange include:

Change in Implant Size

If an implant size needs to be changed, Dr. Golosow will use your original incision to remove and replace the implant. During this time, smaller or larger implants can be placed, if desired.

Capsular Contracture or Rippling

If you are experiencing complications with your implant such as capsular contracture of rippling, your implants can be removed and replaced to remedy the issue. Dr. Golosow will remove any hardened capsule and insert a new implant for capsular contracture; implants can be replaced or repositioned to correct rippling.


Recovery from breast implant exchange surgery is similar to that of breast augmentation surgery. Your overall recovery time will depend on the extent of your surgery. Patients should be up and walking the day of surgery, and should get up and move around during recovery. Any pain, swelling, or bruising that occurs can be controlled with pain medication. Be sure to follow Dr. Golosow’s post-op instructions to ensure optimal results.

If you are interested in breast implant exchange surgery, contact our office today to schedule your consultation. We serve patients in the Ft. Myers, FL area.