If you were looking for a cosmetic line that is nourishing to the skin, look no further than Glo Minerals. Glo Minerals is well-known in the world of plastic surgery as the makeup the performs much like an extension of skincare. You will find no other brand that offers more skin nourishing botanical ingredients and skin safe minerals.  Here at Golosow Plastic Surgery, the offer the full Glo Minerals line as well as provide foundation matching and makeup consulting sessions.

Why Glo Minerals?

Glo Minerals is perfect for all skin types and even skin that is recovering from a med spa or surgical procedure.  All of the makeup is made with natural minerals that are non-comedogenic and non-irritating. All Glo Minerals products are cruelty-free and formulated with powerful antioxidants. Glo Minerals believes in providing you with powerful ingredients that can transform the skin and makeup that is long lasting and provides high coverage. In addition to keeping your skin healthy, Glo Minerals also offers a rich color palette that outperforms other high-end brands.

Schedule a Makeup Consultation

If you like the way healthier more glowing skin sounds, our practice offers makeup consultation as well as color matching to help you get acquainted with the Glo Minerals line. Glo Minerals is the perfect way to complete your beauty regimen by keeping your skin healthy and not causing breakouts like the less skin care centric cosmetic brands.