Breast implants through breast augmentation are offer long-lasting results for patients seeking larger or more symmetrical breasts. However, it is imperative that you know the signs that it’s time to visit your plastic surgeon in Fort Myers such as leaking implants or hardening of the implant. Over time, implant technology continues to improve safety and longevity. However, simple wear and aging can take a toll over the course of several years.

Breast Implants In Naples

In recent years there have been great advances made with the materials used to create breast implants. Over time, manufacturers in the industry have worked to improve both the outer shells and the materials used inside the implants. To increase patient’s safety, the silicone gel inside the implants has been altered to become thicker or more ‘cohesive’ to avoid the dispersion of the filling in the event that an implant was to be punctured.

Prior to your breast implant exchange in Naples, you will have a consultation with Dr. Golosow regarding your options for replacement.

Silicone breast implants- Silicone implants are filled with a soft gel and are available in a variety of shapes.

Cohesive silicone breast implants or “gummy bear”- Gummy Bear implants are filled with a firmer, cohesive gel, which makes them a bit thicker than traditional silicone implants.

Saline- Saline breast implants are filled with purified salt water and are considered safe in the event it ruptures and is absorbed by the body.

Common Reasons for Revision in Naples

Personal Preference

Breast implant revision is often done due to patient preference and the changes that occur over the course of the natural aging process within the breast tissue may change the appearance of the breasts. In some cases, women may decide that they would like larger or smaller implants than the original implants.


Another reason is that gravity simply takes its toll on the skin and other tissues as we age. This may cause the implant to sag or hang at a different position. This change in position may change the appearance enough to cause a patient to want a revision.

Schedule a Consultation with Dr. Golosow

While the above information explains the basic information understood to be reasons for breast implant revision, it’s important to understand that results do vary and individual patient’s bodies will handle the implants differently. During a consultation, Dr. Golosow will listen to your augmentation goals, evaluate your breast tissue, and help you understand what to expect from your procedure.