Although a breast augmentation with implants in Cape Coral can give long-lasting results, implants are not intended to last a lifetime. Certain cases warrant a second procedure to remove and exchange the implant. Dr. Golosow is a double board-certified surgeon in Cape Coral with many years of experience performing the breast implant exchange procedure.

What is a Breast Implant Exchange?

A breast implant exchange is a surgical procedure in Cape Coral to remove an old implant and replace it with a new one. Implants placed during a breast augmentation can last a very long time, but not always a lifetime. Certain complications are possible the longer implants are in place. Many women also change their minds about their implants when it comes to the size they chose during their first procedure.

When is a Breast Implant Exchange Needed?


A breast implant exchange in Cape Coral is needed if a complication with the breast implant were to occur. The most common complications are capsular contractures and rippling. A capsular contracture results in a hardening of the implant, making it feel firm and less natural that it felt to begin with. When rippling occurs, ripples in the implant can be felt and sometimes seen, warranting a breast implant exchange. Although a rupture is rare, it can happen. Patients are required to attend follow-up appointments with their plastic surgeon in Cape Coral to determine the condition of their implants. If Dr. Golosow suspects there is a risk of implant rupture, or in the case that an implant does rupture, the implant will be exchanged.

Change in Size

Besides complications, women might choose to have a breast implant exchange in Cape Coral if they change their mind about the size of their implants. Some women decide to be more modest with their implants, opting for smaller ones for a more natural look as they age. Others might wish for even larger breasts, choosing a larger implant for their implant exchange procedure.

What Happens During a Breast Implant Exchange?

During a breast implant exchange in Cape Coral, Dr. Golosow traces the original incisions to avoid adding any scars. From there, she removes the old implant and any hardened capsules. The new implants are then placed, and the incisions are closed.

After a breast implant exchange in Cape Coral, patients can expect a similar recovery to their original procedures. Side effects such as discomfort, redness, and swelling can be managed with a prescription pain medication provided by Dr. Golosow. Patients will also be provided with information on movement restrictions and post-op care instructions for recovery.


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