Plastic surgery in Punta Gorda is never one-size-fits-all, and the first step in getting great results is determining each patient’s unique hopes and goals for boosting their confidence and achieving the body they want. This requires an artistic eye and the surgical skills to back it up, and Dr. Lorraine Golosow has many years of experience in both.

A top plastic surgeon in southern Florida and Punta Gorda, Dr. Golosow is board certified with both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery. She also regularly contributes to the plastic surgery community as a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Medical Association.

Breast Surgery Procedures

Plastic surgery of the breasts includes some of the most popular procedures performed from year to year. That’s because these procedures can get women the breasts they want, whether through augmentation, reduction, or reconstruction— Dr. Golosow is a leading breast surgery plastic surgeon and has many years of experience in listening to women’s concerns and hopes for their breast procedures. These procedures are available to patients in Punta Gorda looking for great results from a compassionate, excellent plastic surgeon:

Body Surgery Procedures

Most people have an area or two that can’t be touched by diet and exercise, and it can be frustrating when trying to achieve a new body and a new you. Plastic surgery of the body can do many things, from reducing fat and sculpting the body to lifting excess skin and creating a new profile. Whatever your needs and concerns, Dr. Golosow can determine the best treatment plan for you and your problem areas. These procedures are available to patients in Punta Gorda looking for great results:

Face Surgery Procedures

The face is very important to communication, and it can be difficult when it seems like people only see your problem areas, whether aging, pigmentation, acne, or unfavorable features. The right procedure can help you put your best face forward and feel like you don’t need to cover it up. Dr. Golosow performs the following facial procedures in Punta Gorda for patients looking to rejuvenate the face and boost their confidence:

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Although Punta Gorda was decimated by a hurricane in 2004, it has since rebuilt to offer its citizens a revitalized historic downtown and waterfront. It has also built many boardwalks, parks, and businesses, creating a thriving community focused on its long history that dates back to settlement in as early as 1851.

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