More and more people today opt for an aesthetic surgical procedure to get the body contours they always desired. Even though there are procedures to help you achieve all your cosmetic goals, you must keep in mind that you will have to live with your results most of your life. This is why it is imperative that you choose your surgeon carefully; one who is not merely board certified but also has significant experience in your chosen procedure with consistent results. Check with their past patients and see before and after photos before deciding on a surgeon who will get you excellent results with a low risk of complications. Patients in Marco Island and surrounding areas seek the expertise of Dr. Lorraine Golosow, who has comprehensive training and has offered compassionate care to her patients for years. Once you come for your consultation, she listens attentively to your concerns and understands your requirements to help you achieve your cosmetic goals.

Dr. Golosow is double board certified from the American Board of Surgery as well as the American Board of Plastic Surgery. She is considered one of the top surgeons in southern Florida, especially in the field of breast procedures. Her vast experience allows her to understand the changes a woman’s breasts undergo. She is also aware of the body contours women desire, and this allows her to consistently offer naturally-perky and -youthful breasts to all her patients. Your results will blend in with your lifestyle and be in perfect proportion with the rest of your body.

Aside from aging or genetics, there are several other reasons that can lead to undesirable changes in your breasts, including pregnancy, breastfeeding, and massive weight loss. You may notice that your breasts are sagging, have lost volume, are deflated, or are overly large. Once our team has evaluated your breasts, we can recommend one or more procedures in combination to restore your youthful contours. Some women also deal with under-developed and asymmetrical breasts for years. Other than your appearance, these changes can also lead to a low self-image and self-confidence. Once you have restored the shape and symmetry of your breasts, you will also regain your self-confidence.

Not all surgeons can help you achieve your desired goals. If you are unhappy with the results of a previously-undergone augmentation, Dr. Golosow has the expertise and artistic eye to give you the results you always wanted. You can choose both removal as well as replacement of breast implants according to your specific requirements.

Our practice also supports women in their fight against breast cancer. We understand how you may feel less womanly following mastectomy. We evaluate your breasts and check your cancer therapies before developing a treatment plan to restore the shape and form of your breast. It is Dr. Golosow’s aim to help women feel and look good with renewed self-confidence as they enjoy their natural contours and beautiful breasts. Women in Marco Island can choose from these breast procedures:

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