If you are looking to aggressively improve the overall quality of your skin and reverse signs of aging, the Sciton ProFractional ™ laser is a quick and effective option for patients seeking overall improvement of the skin. This laser is able to target the skin to improve specific areas while not harming the surrounding areas.

What is Sciton ProFractional?

Sciton ProFractioncal is a laser treatment that utilizes microbeams to target and treat signs of aging. This laser is able to treat more severe signs of aging and scarring due to injury and sun damage. The face can be treated with the Sciton ProFractional to resurface the skin for a more youthful finish. This laser is not as invasive as a CO2 laser resurfacing procedure, which requires approximately six weeks for recovery. With the Sciton ProFractional, you can expect to heal within three to seven days.

How is the Sciton ProFractional Laser Done?

After an initial consultation and test spot is done, your first treatment of a series will be performed based on that previously collected information about your skin. Before treatment, you will want to avoid using chemical exfoliants that can leave your skin vulnerable such as retinoids and acids. The laser itself should only cause minimal discomfort and this can be lessened with the use of a cooling compress or device as well as a numbing cream.

Sciton ProFractional Results

Right after treatment, you will experience a sensation and physical appearance like a sunburn. This redness should subside shortly after treatment and can be made better by using cooling compresses to lower the temperature of the skin and the prevent further swelling. During this healing time, your skin will be particularly sensitive and it will be vital to protect your skin from the sun for the following weeks for best results. After just a few weeks, you will be able to start enjoying more youthful, clearer skin.

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