The broadband light treatment (or BBL) by Sciton is a light therapy treatment that can improve the appearance of unwanted pigmentation, vascular issues such as rosacea as well as deeper lesions on darker skin types. This treatment can help patients feel more confident with a more even tone and overall healthier look.

What is Sciton BBL?

Using pulsed light, the Sciton BBL system will work to improve unwanted skin pigmentation through the use of photorejuvenation therapy. Dr. Golosow and her staff in Ft. Myers are able to address a variety of skin issues due to the natural aging process as well as from sun exposure. You can expect to see a smoother, brighter more vibrant you in the mirror after going through a treatment series of Sciton BBL. This light therapy treatment is highly customizable, making it a great solution for many patients that walk through Dr. Golosow’s door.

How Does Sciton BBL Work?

Light energy penetrates the skin to effectively heat up the upper layers of the skin, stimulating the collagen building process. With increased collagen production, skin regains elasticity and firmness. The most common areas treated are areas where aging is the most prevalent and areas that are often exposed to sunlight. It is recommended to complete a treatment series before evaluating final results. The number of recommended treatments usually ranges between three and five, depending on Dr. Golosow’s recommendation.

Sciton BBL Results

The Sciton BBL treatment was designed to require little to no downtime from the client. Immediately after treatment, your face may be red and slightly warm but that redness should subside within just a few hours. If you are experiencing any inflammation it is helpful to use a cold compress to help the healing process along. Within one to two weeks your skin should be looking and feeling firmer, smoother and even-toned.

If you are in the Ft. Myers area and are interested in learning more about how your skin could benefit from a Sciton BBL treatment series, contact Golosow Plastic Surgery today.