Cosmetic surgery procedures help people to achieve their desired body, making it essential that the surgeon is attentive and compassionate in addition to being surgically skilled. Dr. Lorraine Golosow offers an artistic approach to each procedure to help you achieve the body goals you have set out to achieve. Your consultation will always begin with Dr. Golosow and her team understanding your problems and desires before walking you through the intended procedure so that you can make an informed choice.

With a double board certification from both the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Golosow is undoubtedly one of the top surgeons in southern Florida and Marco Island.

Breast surgery procedures

Breast procedures have remained the topmost opted for cosmetic procedures since they help women achieve the contours they always desired. Dr. Golosow has years of experience understanding women’s desires and hopes and she has been offering beautiful results through procedures like augmentation, reduction and lift. You can also depend on her expertise in case you are not happy with your previously performed augmentation. Women in Marco Island can choose from these breast procedures:

Body surgery procedures

Most people today are struggling with stubborn fat pockets on their bodies where diet and exercise have failed to work. This can be quite frustrating when you are at your ideal weight and trying to achieve those desired contours but for these certain areas. Dr. Golosow can expertly use body surgical procedures to help you reduce stubborn fat and lift any excessive skin and tissue in order to give you the desired contours. Once you discuss your needs and desires with her and her team, she can determine the best treatment in your individual case. Patients in Marco Island can choose from these procedures to achieve their dream body:

Face surgery procedures

Facial concerns are not just age-related today and it can be very difficult when all you see in the mirror is problem areas like acne, pigmentation or wrinkles and uneven tone and texture. With the right procedure determined by Dr. Golosow, you will not need makeup to cover those areas anymore. Facial procedures not only restore your youthful appearance but also boost your self confidence. Patients in Marco Island can rejuvenate their facial appearance with these procedures:

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Marco Island is a barrier island located in the Gulf of Mexico off the Southwest of Florida. It is linked to the mainland with bridges south of Naples. It features beaches, resort hotels, marinas and golf courses in addition to inland waterways. Most of the west coast of Marco Island is covered with a long and sandy beach while the south features resort hotels. Tourists engage in paddle boarding and kayaking at the Tiger tail Brach Park which has a tidal lagoon.

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