5 Common Misconceptions Regarding Liposuction

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Everyone wants a slim, toned physique. However, sometimes regular exercise and a healthy diet just are not enough. Liposuction is a comprehensive solution to getting rid of stubborn fat deposits to achieve the body you want. However, despite this procedure’s popularity, there are still misconceptions that surround it. Read on as we clear up many of these misconceptions.

Liposuction can Treat Cellulite

Truth: Liposuction is only able to remove soft, fatty tissues; and since cellulite is not simply an irregular pocket of fat, liposuction cannot alter the appearance of cellulite.

Liposuction will fix sagging skin

Truth: The main job of liposuction is to remove excess fat deposits. It cannot, however, fix sagging or lax skin. If you are dealing with noticeable areas of lax skin, your surgeon may recommend a skin tightening procedure to address it.

Fat deposits will return after liposuction

Truth: Liposuction results are long-lasting, and once those fat cells are suctioned out, they will not grow back. However, there will still be some remaining fat cells in the area that can grow in size if your calorie intake is excessive. That is why following a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a healthy weight is important in maintaining liposuction results.

Liposuction is only for women

Truth: Liposuction is a great treatment for both men and women! In fact, it is quickly rising in popularity among men to achieve a trim appearance.

Liposuction is dangerous

Truth: While every type of surgery carries some element of risk, liposuction techniques have become more and more sophisticated over the years. If performed by an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon, liposuction can be as safe as any other surgical procedure.

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