Why Should I Remove or Exchange My Implants?

Although it might seem like a breast augmentation procedure is permanent, many women opt to go under the knife again later on. There are plenty of reasons for this decision, but every woman is unique in her thinking. However, there are a few common reasons that can lead to another consultation process to remove or exchange breast implants.

You prefer a different implant

Despite the best augmentation techniques, your results can still change over the course of your life. The implants can shift, change, and sit differently on the body over the years, and you might prefer a different size, shape, or profile. Implant technology constantly changes, too, so you might even want to try out a new type. Each of these reasons are perfectly valid, and Dr. Golosow can help you select an implant that will achieve the new results you’d like.

You’ve experienced complication

Unfortunately, surgery with any kind of implant carries a risk of complication, the most common of which is capsular contracture. This occurs when the body forms a capsule of scar tissue around the implant, leading to hardness and possible shifting of the implant. Implants can also rupture inside the breast, leading to a risk to your health if it’s not addressed. These procedures are sometimes called breast implant revision, where complications with the implant are corrected, sometimes with a new implant.

You don’t want them anymore

For some women, life changes and they find themselves preferring their natural breasts. This is also a perfectly valid option, although you shouldn’t let your decision be affected by pressure from those around you. Some women simply prefer to return to their natural shape and size, although a breast implant removal procedure can sometimes be accompanied by a breast lift to shape the breast more naturally in the absence of the implant. After the implant is removed, the breast pocket naturally forms back together with the help of a compression garment.

Whatever your reasons for choosing to remove or exchange your breast implants, Dr. Golosow can help you create the best treatment plan to achieve your results. Dr. Golosow is a top board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in women’s breast procedures in the Fort Myers area.

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