15 Tips To Prepare You For Your Breast Lift Procedure

Are you thinking about receiving a breast lift? If so, then you’ll want to keep these expert tips in mind– they will help prepare you for your procedure:

1. Work Your Core Muscles

Being physical and exercising prior to your surgery is important, but try to focus the most attention on your core muscles. This includes your abs and lower back. Having a strong core is crucial to recuperating post-surgery. You can strengthen your abdominal muscles with the performance of exercises like crunches and planks. Crunches target your abs, while planks strengthen your entire core– in the long run, these muscles will help your body’s endurance during recovery.

2. Consult With Dr. Golosow

Before you go in for your procedure, it is essential to speak with Dr. Golosow about your goals and desires. Be honest with her about any concerns you have, and ask any questions you have on your mind. Dr. Golosow will ensure you are completely confident about going through with your surgery. Additionally, a consultation with Dr. Golosow will ensure your candidacy for the procedure. If there are any other procedures Dr. Golosow believes may better match your goals, she will recommend and explain them.

3. Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle Prior To Surgery

Weeks before going in for your breast lift procedure, make sure you adopt a healthy lifestyle. You can do this by exercising regularly, eating healthy, and staying properly hydrated. Ideally, you want to stick to well-balanced meals. Living a healthy lifestyle will help you recover quicker– not only that, but your operation will go much smoother.

4. Quit Tobacco And Alcohol

Quit alcohol and tobacco a few weeks prior to the procedure. Tobacco products and alcohol can reduce blood flow, increasing surgical risks and slowing down recovery. Furthermore, you’ll put yourself at risk of experiencing discomfort, bruising, and swelling, if you choose to continue to consume such products before surgery and during recovery.

5. Quit Using Blood Thinning Medications

Prior to your breast lift surgery you’ll want to quit taking blood thinning medications. If you’re taking anything that contains either ibuprofen or aspirin, then make sure you stop using them. The chances are you’ll be given different medications prior to your surgery. Medications you might be given may help you reduce the risk of bleeding. You should also avoid consuming herbs and vitamins that can cause your blood to thin. If you’re unsure of what should be avoided, then speak with Dr. Golosow.

6. Start Sleeping On Your Back

After your breast lift, you’ll be encouraged to sleep on your back– this is the most comfortable position to sleep in post-operation. However, if you do not normally sleep on your back, the transition can be difficult, especially when your body is already uncomfortable. To avoid this, you should start sleeping on your back before your procedure day. By the time you’re ready for surgery, you’ll have no problems getting a good night’s rest on your back.

7. Get Your Errands Out The Way

An often overlooked tip that really benefits, in the long run, is to be proactive and get any errands out the way in advance. Do you need shopping done? How about any comfort items? If so, then do your shopping and grab those items before your breast lift. You may also want to prepare some meals ahead of time.

8. Fill Prescriptions Beforehand

The surgeon will provide you with prescriptions prior to your surgery. It’s a good idea to fill them within a week of your procedure. When the time comes that you need them, you’ll be thankful to have them on hand right away.

9. Night Before: Wash Thoroughly

The night before your procedure, you’ll want to thoroughly wash your breasts and chest. This may sound like basic advice, but it is essential to do because it’ll reduce your risk of developing an infection. Also, don’t wear jewelry or makeup when you arrive for the procedure.

10. Follow Instructions

During your consultation with Dr. Golosow, you’ll be given instructions to follow. These are known as pre-op instructions, which are tailored to your specific needs. These instructions will contain important details, such as exercises to perform, dietary restrictions, and what to avoid.

11. Wear Clothing That Is Comfortable

On the day of your breast lift, it is advisable to wear comfortable clothing. This includes a baggy/loose-fitting shirt, sweat pants, or other pieces of clothing that are easy to take off and put on. Remember, after your surgery, you will not be able to place your arms up in the air, which means putting on a tight shirt will be extremely difficult compared to a loose shirt.

12. Have A Way To Get Home

After the procedure has been completed, you’ll need a ride to get you home. Try to arrange this prior to your surgery– you may also want to consider asking someone to remain with you for a full 24 hours after the completion of your breast lift. This period will be the most painful point of your recovery, so a caretaker will make a huge difference.

13. Stay Calm And Relax

Believe it or not, a lot of people get extremely nervous and anxious prior to their surgery. This is actually natural, but the key to battling those emotions is to remain as calm and relaxed as possible. A few things you can do include taking deep breaths, meditating, thinking positive thoughts, and getting plenty of sleep. If you have any questions or concerns that are causing you to become anxious, then speak with your surgeon right away.

14. Consider Childcare Arrangements

It’s a good idea to make arrangements for childcare for up to a week after the breast lift procedure. This is especially advisable for those who have young kids who need to be lifted up throughout the day. Remember, you can’t lift your arms over your head, and lifting your child/children throughout the day can put you at risk of injuring yourself.

15. Get Plenty Of Sleep

The final tip is to get plenty of rest prior to your surgery. During and after surgery you’ll deal with various types of stresses. If your body is well rested, then it will be able to handle those stresses, as well as recover faster from the procedure.

Where to Have Your Breast Lift

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