Why Choose a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon?

Whether you need reconstructive or cosmetic surgery, it’s crucial that you have the procedure performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon. Since you’re putting your appearance in the hands of a medical professional, you should make sure they have the skills and credentials to get the results you want. Board certification is one of the best ways to ensure your plastic surgeon knows what they’re doing, so here’s what to know about this title and what it means.

What is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon?

A board-certified plastic surgeon is a physician who has been accredited by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS), which is the most acclaimed and respected organization for plastic surgeons who complete their education. In order to maintain its high standards of safety, ethics, and quality, the ABPS requires a lengthy testing process as well as certifications that must be upheld with requirements for continuing education. As a result, any plastic surgeon who is board certified by the ABPS has met some of the highest standards of medical practice in their field.

How Does a Plastic Surgeon Become Board Certified?

In order to be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, a plastic surgeon needs to complete all the requirements to become a medical doctor (MD). They also need to go through extensive training in the departments of reconstructive or cosmetic surgery through a residency program. Many plastic surgeons go through the required training for both fields in order to provide a wider scope of practice for their patients. In addition to these requirements, plastic surgeons also need to go through written and oral examinations to become board certified. Through these tests, they demonstrate to the board that they understand the safety, ethics, and knowledge standards set by the board. It’s only after passing this extensive testing that they become board-certified plastic surgeons– and they must maintain this title by passing certain requirements set by the board.

Why Is It Important for Plastic Surgeons to Be Board Certified?

With the rising popularity and normalization of plastic surgery, it’s not uncommon to find self-proclaimed plastic surgeons who are not actually board certified with the ABPS (and sometimes offer cheaper prices). This means you’re taking a risk if you go to them for services or treatments. The risks include both medical and safety risks as well as monetary. Without the experience and skills you need in a plastic surgeon, there’s a real risk that your results could be less than great, meaning you’ll pay more later for revisional surgeries. When it comes to changing your appearance, it’s extremely important not to look for bargains but to get the best return on your investment. When it comes to board certification, the extra cost is worth it!

How Can I Check If My Plastic Surgeon is Board Certified?

This process is extremely simple and you should do this with every plastic surgeon you consult with. You can verify that your plastic surgeon is board certified by searching for them on the American Society of Plastic Surgeons website, which is a prestigious group that plastic surgeons board-certified by the ABPS can join. Here, you can verify your plastic surgeon and find more board-certified ones in your area. Additionally, always look for the ABPS logo on your plastic surgeon’s website.

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