How Painful is Breast Implant Exchange?

Why Choose an Implant Exchange?

There are several reasons someone might want to perform an implant exchange. For example, you may be dissatisfied with the size or shape of your implants and want to change them, or you may want to swap saline implants for silicone ones. It is relatively common to seek breast implant revision surgery, particularly after having children, as this can cause significant changes in breast anatomy and firmness over time. Whatever your circumstances and reason for considering implant exchange, it’s vital that you understand what you should expect during recovery from the procedure and how much pain is involved.

In terms of discomfort, most patients report moderate levels of pain following the surgery (around 5 out of 10 on average). However, some can expect significantly less or much more discomfort depending on factors such as age. Despite this level of discomfort, few patients find that their pain is so unbearable that they are unable to perform their everyday activities.

Does Everyone Experience Pain from Breast Implant Exchange?

It’s important to note that while there are many positive studies on outcomes after breast implant exchange, not everyone will experience them, particularly when other factors such as age and smoking history are taken into account. Therefore, you must discuss your expectations with Dr. Golosow before proceeding with any revision or implant exchange surgery.


Implant Exchange Costs

The price of implant exchange typically varies depending on the number of surgeries you need. For example, a breast lift may be required in addition to the exchange if the implants have been in place for a long time and caused your breasts to sag. The overall cost can vary from $8,600-10,000– or more for two operations.


Time for The Procedure

Implant exchange is likely to take between 1-2 hours depending on whether other procedures are being performed at the same time. In terms of downtime, most women need around four weeks before returning to their normal activities, but there is no way of predicting how long it will take until you have seen your surgeon after surgery. However, every patient is different, so no one should expect this kind of recovery period without seeking information from an expert.


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