Why You Should Still Be Careful of Harmful UV Rays this Winter

Why You Should Still Be Careful of Harmful UV Rays this Winter

Have you ever gotten a winter sunburn? Well, you wouldn’t be alone. People tend to let their guard down when it comes to winter skincare safety but don’t be fooled by cloudy, wintery days and seasonal cold. The damaging effects of Ultraviolet (UVA) and (UVB) rays are ever-present, taking their toll throughout the year, even in winter. These harm-inducing rays break through cloud coverage, increasing the risk of skin cancer as well as aging effects. Skin cancer is the most commonly diagnosed type of cancer. It affects over two million people each year, according to American Cancer Society statistics.

Mountain Highs Mean Higher UV Exposure Risks

Before heading out for downhill thrills, know that at higher mountain elevations, damage-inflicting UV rays are intense. Being in the thinner mountain atmosphere enables more harmful UV rays to reach exposed skin but you don’t have to let their damaging effects ruin your elevation elation. When winter sun does make an appearance, enjoy that warm, feel-good feeling, safely, by taking a few ‘peak-time’ precautions.

Make these smart habits part of your daily winter skincare routine:

  • Apply sunscreen (30 SPF or higher) to your face, around your neck, ears, hands, and other exposed skin.
  • Use sunscreen lip balm (30 SPF or higher).
  • Reapply sunscreen every two hours.
  • Protect your eyes and the sensitive skin surrounding your eyes with sunglasses or glare-reducing ski goggles.
  • Wear a hat, especially if you have an exposed scalp.

Know the Skin You’re In

On occasion, examine your body for any new spots or moles, or changes to existing ones. According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), look for color changes, itching or bleeding. For hard-to-see areas such as the back of your neck, back, or buttocks, use a mirror or ask your partner to be a second pair of eyes for you.

Skin Cancer Care is Here If You Need It

Catching and treating skin cancer early is ideal for the best outcome. If you have a skin cancer diagnosis, make an appointment with a professional skin cancer specialist, ASAP. For peace of mind, choose a practice renowned for professional care, putting you at ease in a relaxing and comfortable environment. In the Ft. Myers area, Dr. Lorraine Golosow is a highly regarded skin cancer specialist and plastic surgeon. Depending on the skin cancer’s type, area, and stage, rest assured, Dr. Golosow will determine and provide the ideal treatment plan for you.

Get Out There, Care-Free

Before your outdoor winter adventures or just taking a walk in winter wonderland, be sure to practice winter skincare to minimize the risks of skin cancer and unnecessary aging effects. And hey, if that suspicious mole does turn out to be cancer, luckily, skin cancer is the easiest type of cancer to treat. Know that outstanding professional care is available to get you back into the Great Outdoors, in cancer-free condition in no time.

Schedule a Consultation

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