6 Reasons Women Get Breast Implant Removal

What is implant removal? The goal of implant removal is to remove the entire breast implant as well as its capsule. The capsule is the scar tissue that forms around every breast implant. Removal is referred to as a capsulectomy.  

Why should I have my implants removed or exchanged? Breast implants are not lifelong devices. It is important to have them removed or exchanged every 10-15 years. Popular reasons to remove an existing  breast implant are as follows: 

The Implant is Leaking

The shells around breast implants break down over time. If the implants are silicone then the gel can leak into the breast tissues and cause the capsule around the implant to harden. The silicone gel can also leak into the breast causing lumps or silicone granulomas. If the implants are saline, then the implant will deflate, lose volume, and the implant pocket will shrink. Plastic surgeons will often recommend that patients follow up with them periodically so that they can monitor the health and integrity of the implants.  

Capsular Contracture

Once an implant is placed in the breast during breast augmentation, the body will create a protective capsule around it. This capsule of scar tissue is usually very thin and soft. However, in some cases, the capsule can become thick, hard, and even painful. In the worst cases, the capsule can distort the breast or cause the implant to shift upward. Sometimes this is caused by a leaking implant, but capsular contracture can occur independently of leakage. Treatment usually consists of the removal of the capsule (capsulectomy) and replacement of the implant.  

Breast Implant Infection

While rare, infection near an implant can happen. If antibiotics do not completely eliminate the infection then implant removal may be necessary. 

Changes to the Breasts Over Time

This is a common reason for implant removal or exchange. Breasts can become larger with age due to weight gain or smaller due to weight loss. Adjusting the size of the implant may then be necessary. Often after pregnancy, women may want a bigger implant to replace lost volume. Also, with aging and pregnancy, breasts can become more ptotic or pendulous. This may require a breast lift and often a reduction in the implant size.  

Breast Implant Illness

Some women can develop symptoms such as fatigue, brain fog, joint pain, rashes, etc. Although this is a diagnosis that is made once all others are excluded, many women find relief when removing their implants. 

No Longer Desire to Have Implants

Although many women enjoy having implants, some decide that they are no longer working for them. They may decide to remove them because they feel heavy, are mispositioned, are painful, or because they are getting older. Some women want to remove their implants while they are young and healthy enough to recover from the surgery. A breast lift or mastopexy is an option to restore a youthful appearance to the breast once an implant is removed. 

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