Your Guide to Breast Surgery in Fort Myers, FL

In the U.S., an estimated 8 women out of 1,000 have had some form of breast implant surgery. 60% of the women undergoing breast augmentation have done so for cosmetic reasons. So, if you’re considering breast surgery, you’re not alone. There are many different breast surgery options available, despite the popularity of breast augmentation. Here’s what to know about your options and how your board-certified plastic surgeon can help.

The Different Types of Breast Surgeries

If you’re unsatisfied with your breasts, then there are many different options with many different goals. Dr. Golosow can recommend the best option for you during your consultation, including options like:

During your consultation with Dr. Golosow, you’ll discuss your goals for breast surgery. Dr. Golosow will help you understand the different options open and what you can expect from your customized surgical plan.

Are You a Candidate for Breast Surgery?

If you think you’re a good candidate for breast surgery, you should pursue it for the right reasons. Breast surgery of any form is a personal choice and should not be done for the gratification of others. Other factors you should consider are:

  • Your physical health
  • Whether you’re pregnant or breastfeeding (or plan to be in the future)
  • The development of your breasts
  • Why you’re dissatisfied with the look of your breasts

Having Realistic Expectations

Taking breast augmentation as an example, you should have realistic expectations for surgery. This includes factors like the final results, outcomes, and recovery period. It’s also important to hear your plastic surgeon’s recommendations for additional procedures to achieve the results you want. For example, simply adding implants will not lift your breasts without the use of a breast lift. Plastic surgeons often complete a breast lift at the same time as an augmentation, so Dr. Golosow can recommend your best options.

No matter what type of breast surgery you decide upon. Dr. Golosow aims to help you improve your self-confidence and boost your self-image. Transforming your confidence in your body can have many positive impacts, so it’s important to partner with a board-certified plastic surgeon who can help you mitigate the risks.

How to Prepare for Cosmetic Breast Surgery

Regardless of the type of surgical procedure you decide is right for you, you should be prepared physically and mentally for surgery. In the days leading up to your surgery, you should be sure to follow Dr. Golosow’s detailed instructions to prepare. Blood-thinning agents, such as Aspirin and anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen, should be avoided. Avoiding recreational drugs and nicotine will improve your overall health and help you heal as well. Finally, make sure to follow instructions for fasting before your surgery and arranging for transport home afterward.

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Each type of breast surgery is complicated and should be undertaken by a board-certified surgeon. To discuss your goals with Dr. Golosow, schedule a consultation at our Fort Myers-area locations. Contact us by calling or filling out our online contact form.

The Pros and Cons of Breast Implant Revision

If you’re unhappy with your breast implants, you have options for changing them. Breast implant revision can be an effective surgery for changing your implants, revising their position, addressing complications, or fixing other things you might dislike about your results. If you’ve had breast augmentation in the past, your board-certified plastic surgeon can help you learn about your options for revision surgery. Here are some of the pros and cons to consider as you schedule your consultation.

Reasons to Consider Breast Revision Surgery

There are several reasons why you may want to consider breast implant revision surgery, including:

  • Leaks or deflation. If your breast implants have ruptured, you’ll need to have them promptly replaced.
  • Size. If you wish to change your breast size with different implants, you can do that in this revisional surgery.
  • Capsular contracture. In some cases, you may have tightening around the scar tissue where your implants were placed. This is called capsular contracture and it can cause the implants to shift out of place.
  • Weight loss/gain. If you experience weight loss or weight gain, it can cause loose skin and a change in your original results.

The Pros of Breast Implant Revision Surgery

There are several pros to breast implant revision surgery, including:

  • Your breasts will have a more youthful shape.
  • You choose what you want to change about your results including size, shape, or position.
  • Your breast symmetry can be improved.

The Cons of Breast Implant Revision Surgery

There are a few cons to having breast implant revision surgery, including:

  • You’ll need to undergo recovery again, similar to your original augmentation procedure.
  • Gravity and aging will eventually alter the shape and size of the breasts, no matter what kind of implants you have.
  • You will need to use the same plastic surgeon or gather your medical records to take them to your new plastic surgeon.

Am I A Good Candidate For Breast Revision?

Before you have breast implant revision surgery, you should discuss your candidacy with your board certified plastic surgeon. Make sure to discuss:

  • Health. You should be in overall good health before opting for surgery.
  • Size. Determine whether you want to decrease or increase the size of your breasts.
  • Asymmetry. If you want to correct asymmetry, you should discuss how and to what degree.
  • Smoking. If you smoke, you should quit well ahead of surgery.
  • Weight. You should be at a stable and healthy weight since fluctuations can affect your results.
  • Removal. If you want your implants removed, discuss your surgical procedure with your plastic surgeon.

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Breast implant revision can be an effective way to improve or change your breast augmentation results. To meet with Dr. Golosow and learn more about your options, we invite you to contact our offices by calling or filling out our online form.

What Happens If You Don’t Replace Breast Implants?

If you are considering undergoing either a breast augmentation or reconstruction surgery, you are probably wondering whether breast implants are lasting. You may wonder whether they can rip, decompress, or maybe even cause health complications. These are all questions that you should definitely ask your surgeon prior to surgery.

One simple answer is that it varies on a case to case basis. The sustainability of your breast implants depends largely on your lifestyle and the patient’s body. In some cases, the implant type as well as how carefully the surgery was done may also have an effect. Most women typically have the wrong idea of how long breast implants last.

Debunking the Myth

One common myth is that breast implants have to be replaced every 10 years. The idea of possibly having to spend a large sum, as well as make time for recovery, again in the somewhat near future leads many women to reconsider their procedure. However, the idea that breast implants must be replaced every 10 years is false.

How long your implants last depends on your body and the type of implant. Each implant has its own life span and it is important to note that these are only estimates. It is not guaranteed to last for, for example, 20 years. However, it is not uncommon for women to choose to replace or remove their implants in order to achieve an updated look.

It is estimated that the average life span of your typical breast implant will last 10-20 years without having any complications. The FDA reports that only a mere 20% of women had complications before reaching the 10-year mark.

Why Would I Need to Replace My Implant?

Leaks and Ruptures

There are risks for all surgeries and procedures. With breast augmentation or reconstruction comes the risk of implant ruptures and leaks. However, if this does occur, surgery is not needed right away for medicinal reasons. These leaks are potentially harmless, however, you may want to have your implant replaced for cosmetic purposes.

The most common reason for the implant to rupture is time, although mammograms and trauma to the breasts have been known causes as well. With saline implants, any leaking fluids are automatically absorbed by the body, however, silicone implants have more durability. Even if the silicone implants rupture, the silicone will stay inside the implant.

If your saline implant has ruptured, you may notice an obvious change in the appearance of your breasts. With silicone implants, this may be trickier and it is recommended to undergo an MRI every few years. This will show if your silicone implants have ruptured.

Capsular Contracture

Capsular contracture is another common reason for having your implants replaced. Because your implants are a foreign body, your body may form scar tissues around them. If the scar tissue becomes extremely thick, the implant may become painful.

The case of this condition depends on your body. For instance, one case of capsular contracture could have a slight effect on the implants, whereas the other could result in swollen, painful breasts.

This is treated by removing the implants and scar tissue and possibly replacing them if you still wish to have implants. Your surgeon will place the implants into a new pocket of your breasts.


The last reason for undergoing an implant replacement is age. Aging has natural effects onn the breasts. They may sag and the implant may become noticeable. This is due to hormonal changes within the body.

In addition, pregnancy and breastfeeding can also alter the appearance of the breasts. These reasons may have women undergoing the procedure in order to restore their breasts.

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Dr. Lorraine Golosow, MD is located in Florida and specializes in female plastic surgery. Whether you are looking to undergo breast augmentation or implant replacement surgery, contact us today for a consultation. We will go over your options and discuss the best plan for you.

Your Breast Surgery Options Explained

A woman’s breasts can impact her self-esteem and self-confidence significantly. There can be changes in the breasts from aging, weight fluctuation, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and even diseases such as cancer. Thankfully, there are numerous surgical options available for women that can give them the breast look they want and improve their quality of life. 

Breast Surgery Options

Every woman’s body and goals are different. There are options for any need. Some surgeries can be combined, as well. Here are breast surgery options that you and your surgeon can choose from:

  1. Breast Augmentation: When your breasts are not the size you want or are asymmetrical, breast augmentation can help. This is one of the most popular surgeries performed because it helps women feel more confident and can give better shape, volume, and contours to the breasts.
  2.  Breast Implant Exchange: After a woman has had augmentation, she may eventually decide on a breast implant exchange, also called a revision. This procedure entails removing the current implant and putting in a new one. Some reasons this surgery is done are due to capsular contracture, rupture, wanting to change the size or shape of the implant, or wanting to change the type of implant.
  3. Breast Implant Removal: Sometimes, a woman may decide to remove the implants permanently. It can be because she experienced problems with her implants, or sometimes she just wants to go back to the natural size and shape of the breasts instead of the current augmented one.
  4. Breast Reduction: When a woman’s breasts become excessively large, they can cause great discomfort to her. The weight can cause back and postural issues that impact the quality of life. If a woman is faced with these problems, she may decide to reduce the size of her breasts surgically to help. This surgery can reduce and eliminate pain and other issues caused by large breasts such as sell-consciousness or the inability to do activities she loves.
  5. Breast Lift: Aging, pregnancy, weight fluctuations, and breastfeeding can impact the firmness and volume of the breasts. They may begin to sag and droop. A breast lift can help them sit higher on the chest and look more youthful and firmer. Sometimes breast lifts are combined with augmentations or reductions to give the best results.
  6. Breast Reconstruction: Breast cancer can sometimes cause a woman to lose her breasts via mastectomy. This is a necessary surgery, but the loss of one or both breasts can impact a woman emotionally. There are methods to reconstruct breasts after mastectomy. The two main options surgeons have are implants or using the patient’s tissues to rebuild and give them a new breast or breasts. Having this surgery can help a woman celebrate survival and also help her heal emotionally at the same time. She will feel more feminine and like her old self again.

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What to Know About Breast Revision and the Risks

breast implant revision ft myers

Breast revision is a surgery that can be performed after you undergo a procedure like a breast augmentation, lift, or reduction. There are many different things that can be achieved with breast revision, but the most common form is when your plastic surgeon swaps out breast implants for different ones. If you’re planning on getting breast surgery or have already had it, then it’s a good idea to consider that you may need a revisional surgery in the future. Although this is not the case for everyone, it’s still a risk that you’ll take. Here’s what to know about breast revision and what to expect if you need one in the future.

Reasons for A Breast Revision

The most common reason for breast revision is unsatisfactory results or, in some cases, simply wanting a different implant type, size, or placement. Some complications are the reason for breast revision, including bad placement, capsular contracture, or visible rippling. Implant rupture is rarer but does call for breast revision. Additionally, different stages of life can cause an increase or decrease in breast size, such as pregnancy and weight gain. Some women change their minds about their breasts as they age and want their implants removed entirely. Other times, women feel like they chose implants that are too small. Although it’s a common recommendation that breast implants should be replaced every ten years, this is not the case for every patient and Dr. Golosow can give you the best idea of what to expect.

Breast Revision Risks

Every surgery comes with risks, so it’s important to understand that you’ll assume these risks of breast revision when you undergo breast augmentation the first time around. Often, revision is more complicated than a breast augmentation. Many challenges, like the presence of scar tissue, makes it more difficult for your plastic surgeon to make subtle changes. Anatomical changes can also complicate the procedure, especially in cases where you underwent breast augmentation a long time ago or underwent pregnancy or weight gain since then.

Your breast revision can also be made riskier by choosing the wrong plastic surgeon. If your initial plastic surgeon was not board-certified or was inexperienced in performing breast augmentation, then this can make it more difficult for your revisional plastic surgeon to achieve the goals you’re looking for. You should always verify that each plastic surgeon you receive care from is board certified and can show before-and-after pictures of work they’ve done in the past.

How to Reduce the Risks

Having a successful surgery the first time is the surest way to avoid a breast revision. However, some women are still unhappy with their results even if they have a safe and successful surgery, so it’s important to listen to your plastic surgeon’s recommendations and experience. Do your research and talk to more than one plastic surgeon before deciding which one to use– they should be honest about your goals and whether they’re in line with what’s achievable with breast augmentation surgery. Price should not be the deciding factor when choosing a plastic surgeon; cheaper is not better and can even increase the odds that you’ll need revisional surgery. Finally, having realistic expectations is the best way to ensure satisfying results.

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Dr. Lorraine Golosow is a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast revision surgeries. To learn more about your breast augmentation and breast revision options, we invite you to schedule a consultation at our Fort Myers area offices by calling or filling out our online form.